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When we started You = Me® in 2014, we knew America was silently racist and until recently not so silently racist and bigoted. Racism is a perceived concept of inequality.

This project is raising awareness about the benefits of releasing judgement for a more peaceful community – a common Unity for One humanity!

How do we do that?

Judgment creates turbulence in our minds. Judgement makes another wrong and immediately separates.  Recognize that judgement is a fear based emotion. Period. Fear comes from the ego and the ego is NOT your amigo. The ego’s entire thought system is separateness. That one is better than another which can never be true.

We can shed the burden of judgement and racism today in the understanding that all men and women are equal. We were born equal…

Success of our mission will be the release of these limitations through the sale of logo merchandise with a large percentage of the profits supporting equality.

You = Me® is a realization of one consciousness, one connectedness. When one stands in his or her own worth, there is no need to bully or hate. .

Humanity is our common identity.

You = Me® improving everyday lives one sale at a time…


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Unity is the highest power we hold as a Humanity.  Unity is the state of being united or joined as whole for a richer and more rewarding life experience.

Why should we unite?  Not power in the one but power in the many.  We can make a difference in the world by recognizing and celebrating our authenticity.

Uniting bringsintegrity, fairness, honor to all human beings regardless of race, religion, culture and gender.

How can we unite?  We can unite when we find something in common™- HUMANITY IS OUR COMMON IDENTITY!

Unity let’s us combine our strengths to do remarkable things in the world for all people.