You = Me™ is a new clothing and accessories line that brings together all people globally.

A brand that is designed to confront racism, bigotry and judgement of others with this expression of caring. 

Racism and bigotry are learned behaviors. 

We are creating a program for early childhood development that focuses on the origins of bully behavior.

“Everybody is standing, but you must stand out.

Everybody is breaking grounds; but you must breakthrough!

Everybody is going, but you must keep going extra miles!

Dare to be exceptionally excellent and why not?”

― Israelmore Ayivor


With the sale of our merchandise we will be able to gift this program.

You = Me will be printed in several different languages and distributed all over the globe.

Our shirts are high quality 100% ring spun cotton for a comfortable and lived in feel.

You = Me will have limited editions and design changes yearly including holiday merchandise.

YouEqualsMe.Com - #AOneHumanity

You = ME mission has already caught the attention of Michelle Obama. The former first lady took the time to send the email noted below, congratulating the team for the daring to innovate and dreaming big for a better tomorrow. The brand has encapsulated the spirit of marches and demonstrations sweeping across the USA in a desire to give everyone the same rights and equalities.