You = Me

It all started with a simple wedding invitation two and a half years later after some hard work, self doubt and the courage to move forward.

We are are finally ready to present to  You = Me™ to you.

Although we are new to branding, rag trade and ecommerce, we are confident in our message and the quality of our products. Launch date push backs were disappointing but we realize that most life sized projects take on a life of their own.

YouEqualsMe is a line of logo wear and home accents that is designed to confront racism, bigotry and hatred. Our goal is to share our expression of caring thru the sales of our products but most importantly is developing a primary educational program we gift to public school education.

The United States has to date spent approximately 6 billion dollars in anti bullying campaigns that simply do not work and have created a host of unintended problems.

We do know this, when one is in his knowing of his own worth, there is no need to bully or hate. You = Me celebrates the authentic self and that of others. After all it is the greatest gift we give to the world…..