Putting Equal in You and Me

by Rick Meline

I have always been one to support Equal Rights. marching, campaigning, and signing petitions. Knowing we all come from the same source.  You = Me™ spoke to me as a simple reminder of our unity.  How embracing all our diversity.  We become stronger, wiser, more loving as a society. 


I struggled in my everyday life on how to practice You = Me.  How do I not judge the rude man on the bus.  How do I look for upliftment when the news sounds so bad.  It seams like I’m always looking to be offended.  The unjust must be called out.

I looked deeper into what I was judging.  Where was this hatred for my fellow man coming from.  If we all come for the same source.  Then this all lives in me as well.  Only when I can find the love and forgiveness for myself.  Can I find the same in others.  Where true allowance of humanity exists.

Where the rude man on the bus is just a reminder of gratitude.  Where you are thankful for your life and bless him on his.  The title should be “Putting Equal Back into You and Me”.  I believe this has always been in us.  We just forgot.


Cindy Jarvis